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This bakery is by far the best bakery I have ever tried! Ive had cakes made by them several times and have tried their other treats as well. They taste so good and are decorated with such great detail. The owners are truly amazing at taking your ideas and what you imagine and making something 100x better. The baked goods are so creative and beautifully designed, they look too good to eat, and taste even better than they look!
The owners are so good at what they do and work so hard to create the most amazing treats ever. I always recommend Itty Bitty Patisserie to all my friends a family!

Ayesha Saleem, San Francisco, Yelp

Itty Bitty Patisserie has been nothing but impressive when it comes to the quality of their baked goods and the excellent service they provide their customers! I had a big order of pastries for a big community event and not only were the pastries we got beautifully made, but they also tasted delicious! Highly recommend!

Azin Mirzaagha, Berkeley, Yelp

Itty Bitty Patisserie is the absolute best! As someone who is health conscious, I love the fact that they use organic ingredients. Their cakes and cookies are delicious and I can't wait to go back to the Bay Area so I can try even more of their desserts. I can't imagine how much time they must spend baking such creative treats for their customers. Not to mention how incredibly sweet and responsive the founders are. 10/10 would recommend!!

Armita Kadivar, Los Angeles, Yelp

I've had the pleasure of ordering a range of products from Itty Bitty and they have all exceeded my expectations! Their baghlava is simply a must try. I highly recommend both the almond and pistachio. Their cakes are not only beautiful, but delicious. You can tell that the owners really care about what they do and they are super talented. 

Serene Hundal, Berkeley, Yelp

These girls have such amazing talent. I ordered a custom cake and the details and the cake overall were absolutely so impressive. We spent 40 minutes just taking pictures and appreciating their work. I drove 1.5 hrs just for their cakes and it was SO worth it. Not to mention, it also tasted PHENOMENAL.

Maryam Maheri, Concord, September 9th, 2020

Everything that I’ve asked for/ordered has exceeded my expectations in the best way. I had ordered a cake for an engagement party and everyone loved it. It came out exactly like how she said it would they even provided a artists rendition of what to expect and it was exactly what they they said it would be. I 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to have desserts of any kind made. They never disappoint and it’s always great to support local businesses.

Olatungi Lawrence, San Pablo, December 30th, 2020

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