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Our Story

The co-founders of Itty Bitty Patisserie, Sadaf and Morvarid, are two sisters who have a strong background in both biomedical sciences and in art. In 2017, they brought their scientific precision and artistic vision to the world of cakes and desserts.


Specializing in high-end wedding cakes, center-of-attention celebration cakes, and one-of-a-kind artisan treats.  We treat each cake as its own unique masterpiece—the perfect fusion of taste and art. Our philosophy is that a cake should taste as great as it looks, and look as great as it tastes. All our cakes are crafted with the greatest attention to detail and using the finest quality organic ingredients; we believe that our passion for art and our commitment to fresh, organic, quality ingredients is what sets us apart. We strive to craft unique and tasty organic treats worthy of being a centerpiece. No matter what the occasion, we take great pride in bringing joy to your special occasions.

Cakes are not something that should be eaten and forgotten—they are for celebrating special moments in our lives with those we love, and remembering them forever.

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